CALDAN are the complete roofing maintenance and roof repair specialists, fixing your roof and cladding problems. We specialise in industrial roof repairs and maintenance, cladding and refurbishment of dilapidated roofs. We can help with anything from a small leak to a brand new roof.



This was a corroded gutter 84 lm, which we worked on in Corby (for full before and after pictures, please see above). It is important to note that neglected gutters will always corrode and fail. Every time a gutter is cleaned out, we inspect it and a report is compiled. Because of its condition, we cleaned this gutter out, rubbed down and primed it with rust adhering primer. To prevent it from continuing to leak, the entire gutter was covered with Acrypol Plus. Afterwards, a new gutter was laid on top of the insulation and fixed, and, after, a final primer and a weathering top coat were applied. For a final measure, the ends of the roofing sheets were rubbed down and primed to prevent furthering rusting.


This is a flat roof enclosure that had been cleaned by another company. After they gave up, we were asked to clean the roof and the cladding bringing it back to its original state and to the clients satisfaction.



The initial contract for the store to the left in Normanton was to fit panels to the front face of steel and a return flashing which would butt up to the window frame. However, because the design changed, we had to adapt the original design to something bespoke for the job which would work and fit the store. To the left is the final product.


Clearing, Repairs and Insulation

See to the left for the before and after photos of this project. This was an empty building in Milton Keynes which we transformed into an insulated fit-for-purpose unit, ready for occupancy. The existing asbestos roof was repaired, a steel sub frame designed and fitted to the main steelwork, insulated and a bright white liner fitted to give the finish you see above.