The Doff Cleaning System

The Doff Cleaning System is a steam based; it can achieve temperatures of 150 degrees C at the nozzle end. It can remove moss, algae, fungi & other biological matter. It also kills any spores thus preventing the need for any chemical use. It can also remove chewing gum, graffiti, bird or vermin foul & wax coatings, which make it ideal for the food industry.


This is a listed building in the heart of Northampton town centre, the stonework had been over painted for the last 30 years, our job was to remove the paint taking care not to damage the intricate detail and leave it clean to be painted.


The Doff is being used on Uppingham School to clean the flat roof areas, by removing the algae; the roof is now safe to walk on and can now be maintained.

The Doff cleaning system was used to clean cladding, we have to blank out the name for legal reasons, years of grime on the cladding was quickly removed to leave the cladding looking new.