About CalDan

Who We Are

CALDAN is an industrial roofing specialist company, owned by local experienced professional roofers Stephen and Gary. The company is named after their two sons, Caleb and Daniel. The company started in November 2005. About Stephen and Gary? We have been working together for the last 25 years and we have invaluable roofing experience!

No distance limitations - we will travel anywhere you need us to.
No restrictions - we can work on any type of roof.

All of our staff are experienced, fully qualified and licensed to use Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs), and we are champions in Health and Safety. We have £10 million public liability insurance and we are fully capable to strip asbestos from roofs.

From fixing a small leak to installing a complete new roof, we can set you right!


After years of trying to gain safe access to fragile roofs, we have developed a unique fragile roof access system designed to promote safe working on asbestos and other fragile roof types. As a result of this we have started another company called Asbestoglide Ltd. This system can be made bespoke for any roof type, Asbestoglide has been demonstrated to the HSE, who provided very positive feedback, and in November 2014 we had a demonstration for the Advisory Committee for Roofsafety (ARC) who are following our progress with great enthusiasm.
Please visit www.asbestoglide.co.uk for further details.


    ● Gutter cleaning and repairs

    ● End lap corrosion

    ● Rooflight cleaning or replacement

    ● All maintenance work is carried out to ensure you save thousands of pounds in preventive repairs

Pest Proofing

● We will pest proof the envelope of the building to prevent ingress of insects, rodents and birds.

Dilapidation Reports

● We carry out dilapidation reports and roof surveys essential for landlords and occupants.